The Networking & Telecommunications Certified Engineer Program Selects W4VEC as a Test Provider for the NTCE program.




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Orlando, FL (January 2, 2001) -- W4VEC, a leading Volunteer Examiner Coordinator and member of the National Volunteer Examiners Coordinators Program of the Federal Communications Commission, has received accreditation from CRELC to offer and issue NTSC certifications and NTCE degree/certification

W4VEC is offering on a limited and trial basis testing for the Networking & Telecommunications Systems Certificate Levels I through III, (NTSC) and The Networking and Telecommunications Certified Engineer Degree Program, administered by The Central Registry of Education, Licensing, and Certifications and Hosted by the NIII (National Information Services and Information Technology Institute).

" W4VEC is well suited and shares common goals with CRELC, NTCE, and NIII. Their service to the community, the not for profit goals of W4VEC, and their honorable service record made them a prime candidate for Instruction and Test Center development. ", said Mr. John Robb from CRELC.

Mr. Mark Hall added: " We feel very confident on our ability to work with the administrative and technical W4VEC staff to bring these and other technical coursework, certifications, and educational programs nationwide, at a significantly reduced cost." 

" We feel very optimistic on current and future associations we may develop with CRELC, NTCE, and NIII. W4VEC's management structure allows for rapid implementation - administratively and technically. ", said Chris O'lmeda, VEC Officer. " The NTCE program is a perfect compliment to the FCC-AR program currently offered by W4VEC. We [W4VEC] will enable low cost, nationwide testing and training opportunities for all those interested in developing professional skills acquired in the FCC-AR program through our nationwide test centers. In some cases test fees have dropped 50% when compared to private test center offerings, making W4VEC the natural choice in testing alternatives for students, professionals, and HAMS. ", further explained Mr. O'lmeda.

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W4VEC / NTCE Program contact details:

For CRELC: Mr. John Robb EMAIL
For NIII: Mr. Salazar EMAIL
For NTCE Mr. Mark Hall EMAIL
For pre-applications in the NTCE Program: EMAIL
For W4VEC: Rae Everhart  EMAIL


W4VEC has been in service over 17 years. Directed by Mr. Rae Everhart, K4SWN, W4VEC's HQ is located in Lexington, North Carolina. W4VEC offerings include testing and training in areas of telecommunications, radio communications, and general technical interests. Using as a foundation the Amateur Radio Program of the Federal Communications Commission, W4VEC offers the opportunity to learn and receive training, and obtain licensing and certifications in these areas at a reduced cost or no cost at all in some cases. The FCC-AR Program offers a pathway in mathematics, government procedure, introduction to technical areas, and introduction to radio and telecommunications. All skills that can be developed professionally or just as a hobby. W4VEC is a not-for-profit organization and is dedicated to the advancement of technical knowledge for students, professionals, and individuals. W4VEC provides testing centers nationwide, and particular locations offer instruction in Morse code, radio communications, telecommunications, and other technical areas. Further details can be obtained at:



P. O. BOX 41, LEXINGTON, NC 27293-0041


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